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76f Rise Suede High Regatta Boots Grey Samaris Hiking Women’s Ldy Briar Atlnts AqPcpwcCg

Just as your body can become unwell, your mind can become unwell too. And just like with physical illnesses, treatment and support is available. Use our guides to find out more about different mental health conditions, how to cope with your feelings about it and what support is available to you.

Bipolar Disorder

If you think you might have bipolar disorder, you’re not alone. Find out more about the condition and what to do if you think you’re affected by it

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YoungMinds exists so that young people have the strongest possible voice in improving their mental health. We need your help to make sure that voice is heard.

The amount of times I’d tried to break out of this shell, talk about ‘I’m feeling a bit down’, ‘I’m feeling a bit scared’, I couldn’t do it. And now I can do it openly.
Alex, Youth Activist
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